Sustainability Report

Compilation of Sustainability Report

An sustainability report is a report that is disclosed periodically by a business operator such as a company which summarizes remarks by the management, its policies/targets/ plans relating to environmental conservation, situations involving environmental management, status of initiatives towards reducing environmental impact and such. This is based on “Laws Concerning the Promotion of Business Activities with Environmental Considerations by Specified Corporation, etc, by Facilitating Access to Environmental Information and Other Measures” (Environmental Consideration Law), and “Environmental Report Guideline 2012 version” (Environment Agency) has been published for this.

Hokkaido University has been preparing Sustainability Report since 2005. It goes without saying that data and initiatives on environmental impact reduction are publicized in there in line with the above mentioned guideline, but we also include details of projects by students, interactions with the society and history/culture of our university from the perspective of sustainability, contriving to make it a Sustainability Report.

See here for Sustainability Report 2020 (pdf) (2.5MB)

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