International Network

Participation to Asian Sustainable Campus Network (ASCN)

ASC Network is a network established in 2015 that connects networks in various countries of Asia, for the purpose of promoting Sustainable Campus in Asia. In addition to Korean Association for Green Campus Initiative, China Green University Network and CAS-Net JAPAN (Campus Sustainability Network in Japan), three networks that acted as initiators, Sustainable University Network of Thailand joined in 2017, making it a networking organization connecting four countries. Our Sustainable Campus Management Office shares the responsibility of running CAS-Net JAPAN, as well as taking care of for operating ASC Network with Kyoto University.

Scenes from Asian Conference on Campus Sustainability that was held at Kyoto University (9 ~ 10 December 2017)

Participation to International Sustainable Campus Network (ISCN)

ISCN is a global university network on Sustainable Campus. It was founded in 2006, and was run by Global University Leaders Forum, GULF, (a subcommittee of World Economic Forum) until 2015, but became an incorporated non-profit organization in 2016, with its office located in École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. Hokkaido University joined ISCN in 2013, and Ikegami from Hokkaido University’s Sustainable Campus Management Office has been appointed as co-chair of working groups of ISCN as well as participating as a member of Advisory Committee since 2016.

Participation to International Green Gown Awards

(from Green gown awards wegsite)
Established in 2004, the Green Gown Awards recognise the exceptional sustainability initiatives being undertaken by universities and colleges.  With sustainabiity moving up the agenda, the Awards have become estabilished as the most prestigious recognition of best practice within the further and higher education sector.

The Awards grow every year and have an increasing international presence.  


International Symposium on the Creation of Sustainable Campuses

From 2011 ~ 2016, Sustainable Campus Management Office has been hosting “Sustainable Campus International Symposium.” A wide variety of lecturers are invited every year from universities around that world that promote Sustainable campus, both researchers and businessmen alike. The symposium had provided ideal opportunities for this university to learn global examples, from understanding of Sustainable Campus ideology to implementation techniques.

International Symposium for the Creation of Sustainabile Campus 2015
2015 Keynote Speech
Head of Sustainability Office at MIT, Dr. Julie Newman

2015 Panael Discussionist
Specially Appointed Professor Tanaka, Nagoya University

2016 Workshop
Associate Professor Tsurusaki of Kyushu University and Dr. Morello of Politecnico di Milan
2013 Experts Meeting
From left, Dr. Romao of Vrije Universitedit Amsterdam, Duputy Project Director  Heather Topel of Cambridge University, Ms. Giullia Sonetti of POLIECNICO
2013 Experts Meeting
Associate Professor Ozasa of Hokkaido University
2013 Experts Meeting
2014 Experts Meeting
Dr. Koenig of University of Luxembourg
2016 Workshop
Mr. Monden of Muroran Institute of Technology, Mr. Morimoto of  Facilities Department, Hokkaido University
2016 Workshop

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