Networks within Hokkaido University and Japan

Initiatives by CAS-Net JAPAN (Campus Sustainability Network in Japan)

CAS-Net JAPAN is inter-university network in Japan, which strives to accelerate Sustainable Campus initiatives. It promote environment-conscious activities in universities from hardware aspect, such as energy saving, CO2 reduction, traffic planning and dealing with wastes, as well as promoting software sides at the same time, such as sustainability education/research, regional cooperation, food issues and management techniques.

The reason Sustainable Campus does not remain as merely environment-conscious activities is because they are initiatives based on the concept of sustainability. The above initiatives interrelate with each other and form campus space and the university organization, while generating synergistic effects.

CAS-Net JAPAN further aims to contribute to building of sustainable society in Japan by collaborating with higher education institution networks of other countries, and is rolling out below activities.

  • Sharing and transmission of information to promote building of Sustainable Campus in Japan
  • Surveys and researches into initiatives by other countries on building of Sustainable Campus
  • Promotion of collaboration with various foreign agencies relating to building of Sustainable Campus
  • Creation and spreading of assessment system for building of Sustainable Campus
  • Review of university management techniques for promoting building of Sustainable Campus
  • Participation to building of Sustainable Campus by students
  • Presenting awards to superior initiatives on building of Sustainable Campus

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