There are diverse researches on sustainability at Hokkaido University. In below, articles on such researches are listed, centering around researchers who have kindly agreed to interviews on environmental report.


“Dairy farming of Hokkaido University, which has coninued unique research
Specially Appointed Professor
Rearch Faculty of Agriculture

Transistor current amplification without a power supply
Professor (then)
Graduate School of Information Science and Technology

“Development of an ultrathin 3″0-nanometer photoelectrode that is 10 times more efficent than the conventional one “
Hiroaki MISAWA
Research Institute for Electronic Science

“Finding that a harsh environment and the means of food production influence the freedom of personal relationships”
Masaki YUKI
Faculty of Humanities and Human Sciences/Center for Experimental Research of Socail Sciences

“Discovery of an ice pump supporting the ecosystem of a fiord”
Institute of Low Temperature Science
Doctoral research fellow
Arctic Research Center

“Success in the direct observation of organic matter that moves from seawater to the air by sea sprayI”
Assistant Professor 
Institute of Low Temperature Science

“Clarification of the fact that the river branching structure supports the survival of groups of organisms”
Researcher (then)
Research Faculty of Agriculture
Research fellow (then)
Research Faculty of Agriculture

“Inter-tillage weeding to produce high yields of rice withoug fertilizers and agricultural chemicals”
Research Faculty of Agriculture

“Study on sustainable resource use in northern Japan based on archaeoplogical records”
Graduate School of Letters
Associate professor, Katsunori TAKASE

“Effective production of aquatic biomass using wastewater”
Faculty of Environmental Earth Science,
Professor, Masaaki MORIKAWA

“Resilience an dadaptive capacity of Arctic marine systems under a changing climate”
Arctic Research Center
Director and specially appointed professor, Sei-ichi SAITOH

“Development of catalytic organic reactions”
Faculty of Engineering / Frontier Chemistry Center
Professor, Takeshi OHKUMA

“Power to Heat (P2H)””
Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
Specially appointed assistant professor, Shiho ISHIKAWA

“Development and practical application of cost-effective genetic diagnostic techniques”
Center for Zoonosis Control
Professor, Yasuhiko SUZUKI

“Researching on tourism/interactions for community residents”
Center for Advanced Tourism Studies
Associate professor, Hirofumi Ueda

“The goal of Faculty of Health Science is to improve QOL (quality of life)”
Graduate School of Health Sciences
Professor,  Harukazu Toyama

“Graduate School of Health Sciences which strives to cultivate human resources and carry out diverse researches”
Graduate School of Health Sciences
Professor, Kazuko Saeki・Associate professor, Michiyo Hirano

“Turn students into bearers of sustainable society”
Graduate School of Education
Professor, Masao Mizuno

“Working towards realization of “ordinary society””
Center for Ainu and Indigenous Studies
Professor, Hirofumi Kato

“New learning that changes crises into opportunities”
Graduate School of Education
Professor, Miyazaki Takashi

“Live as “clinician of wastes””
Faculty of Engineering
Professor, Toshihiko Matsuto

“Research on river and forest at the same time”
Research Faculty of Agriculture
Professor, Futoshi Nakamura

“Change biomass into a resource using activated carbon”
Institute for Catalysis
Professor, Atsushi Fukuoka

“Increase efficiency of fuel batteries with a new catalyst”
Institute for Catalysis
Associate professor Takeguchi Tatsuya

“Convert solar light to laser light with high efficiency”
Faculty of Engineering
Associate professor Mikio Higuchi

“Inquire into implementation status of environmental treaty in Japan”
Graduate School of Law
Professor, Mari Koyano

“Clarify impacts on health from environments”
Center for Environmental and Health Sciences
Specially Appointed Professor, Reiko Kishi

“Environment is today’s “practical science” – Practical Environmental Science at Graduate School of Environmental Science”
Graduate School of Environmental Science
Professor, Yasuhiro Yamanaka

“A campus is a test site for creating future – social experiment of Hokkaido University Farm”
Field Science Center for Northern Biosphere
Professor, Hajime Araki

“Learn from the community, and return to community – fieldwork as the venue for education for the whole person”

Graduate School of Letters
Professor, Taisuke Miyauchi

“Ongoing efforts to create a society in which Ainu people can live with pride”

Hokkaido University Center for Ainu & Indigenous Studies
Professor, Hirofumi Kato

“Turning students into leaders of a sustainable society”

Department of Human Developmental Sciences, Faculty of Education
Professor, Masao Mizuno

“New learning to Turn Crises into Oportunities

Faculty / Graduate School of Education
Professor, Takashi Miyazaki