Organizational Structure


Executive Director

Kazushi Minakawa

He is Executive of Hokkaido University. He was formerly Executive Director of Development Bank of Japan and has joined Board of Executives of Hokkaido University since April 2017. He is in charge of financial management, safety and disaster prevention, facility and environment, information management, funding, and information-technology promotion. He is also the Director of Facilities and Environment Planning Office, one of the president offices, and oversees the planning, construction, and management of our campus and facilities. He is promoting the realization of our sustainable campus by combining the three themes in the concept of sustainable campus, “Environment and campus”, “Local society and social responsibility of university”, and “Local economy and university management”.

Full time staff

Maki Ikegami

Sustainable Campus Management Office Specially Appointed Associate Professor

Developed “Assessment system for Sustainable Campus (ASSC)” that gave shape to roles that should be played or functionalities that should be held by universities towards the society. Is in charge of operating ASSC at universities within and out of Japan in including our university, and is also in charge of networks with other universities and participation to international organizations, such as taking part in running of ACS (Asian Campus Sustainability) Network, CAS-Net JAPAN and ISCN. In addition, carrying out education/research on assessment of Sustainable Campus and sustainability.

Brief history: Was an Assistant Professor at Graduate School of Environmental Studies in Tohoku University until 2011. Joined Hokkaido University from April 2012. Completed and received Master (of Science) degree at Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science at Tohoku University. Completed doctorate course at the same university in Graduate School of Environmental Studies and received Ph.D.

Yu Taira

Sustainable Campus Management Office Specially Appointed Assitant Professor


Brief history: Born in Hokkaido.  Completed and received Master degree from Architecture and Architectural Engineering, Waseda University in 2012.  Had belonged in Aterier BNK from 2012 – 2019, involved in archtecutural designing for mostly public facilities.  Joined Hokkaido University in March 2019.


Yoko Kawajiri

Sustainable Campus Management Office Administrative Assistant

In charge of administrative affairs relating to running of the office. Had attended and received diploma from Calais High school in Maine, took classes for one year at hotel/restaurant management in WSU as an exchange student, graduated from Department of International Relations, Nihon University. After working at an US investment advisory company in Tokyo, at a translated patent agent, teaching English for children, and working at an elementary school, joined Hokkaido University in July 2016.

Concurrent faculty member

Takao Ozasa

Director, Division of Campus Assessment
Associate Professor,
Division of Architectural and Structural Design, Faculty of Engineering

He is Associate Professor in Division of Architectural and Structural Design, Graduate School of Engineering, Hokkaido University. His research field is urban design, urban planning, campus planning, and architectural design. His major works are Higashikawa primary school and community center in Higashikawa town (2014), Yobetsu primary school in Shakotan town (2003), Enyu-Gakusha of Hokkaido University (2003), Faculty house of Hokkaido University (1995). He has published ” Regenerative Sustainable Development of Universities and Cities ” (2013), “The New Dimensions of Campus Planning” (2011), “Collaborative Redevelopment in Partnership with Region and University” (2008), and “Campus Management Handbook” (2004) as a joint author. He has been a member of committee on operation and maintenance of city facilities, City of Sapporo since 2013, a construction advisor of Higashikawa primary school project since 2012, an advisor of committee on construction of complex facilities in Shiroishi ward, City of Sapporo since 2011. He received his Ph. D in Engineering from Hokkaido University.

Takeo Ozawa

Director, Division of Reduction of Environmental Impacts
Division of Architectural and Structural Design, Faculty of Engineering

He received Bachelor from Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1984, studied in ETH Zurich on Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships from 1985 to 1986, received Master of Engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1987. He was working for Obayashi Corporation, Tokyo, from 1987 to 1993 and for Herman Hertzberger Architectural Design Office, Amsterdam, from 1994 to 1997. He also graduated from Berlage Institute, Amsterdam, 1996. He has established TEO architects, Kobe, Japan in 1997. His major works are YKK Kurobe Horikiri Dormitory (theme: common space creation in suburban of a local city, Toyama Prefecture, Japan, 1999), Continuous Roofing House (theme: living space and environment at the green sloping land, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, 2004), etc.

Toshihiko Matsuto,

Director, Division of Environmental Preservation Center
Laboratory of Solid Waste Disposal Engineering, Faculty of Engineering

Toshihiko Matsuto received doctoral degree (Sanitary Engineering) from Hokkaido University. He began to work for the university in 1983. He serves as a Professor at the School of Engineering. He also serves as the Associate Director of Office for Technical Support, Hokkaido University and as the Executive Director of the Japan Society of Material Cycles and Waste Management (JSMCWM).

Affiliated organizations

Sustainable Campus Promoter System

As collaboration system with various departments is important for initiatives of Sustainable Campus Management Office, “Environmental Impact Reduction Promoters Meeting”(then) has been established and “Environmental Impact Reduction Promoters”(then) have been stationed at respective departments since 2011. Through this Council, initiatives have been driven forward, while exchanging opinions between various departments and Sustainable Campus Management Office. Initially, its main role was to exchange opinions on programs of Sustainable Campus Management Office, but with self assessment being implemented by our university using Assessment System for Sustainable Campus (ASSC) and workshops supporting revision of Campus Master Plan being carried out with Environmental Impact Reduction Promoters (then), it has become an important venue for communication since 2014.

Scenes from workshops


Sustainable Campus Promoters and assistants to those carry out below tasks.

  • Liaison and coordination between Sustainable Campus Management Office and various departments on promotion of environmental impact reduction measures, as well as ascertaining current situation of various departments.
  • Diagnosis of energy saving at buildings of various departments, energy saving campaigns, separating/reducing rubbish, promoting recycling, and preparation of implementation framework for the above.
  • Exchanging opinions and helping with projects relating to Sustainable Campus.


The Students Council for Sustainable Development in Hokkaido University (SCSD)

SCSD was established in April 2010.

Hokkaido University Team (8 members) that attended an international students conference hosted by Copenhagen University and Yale University as an associated event to COP 15 of December 2009 was asked to realize the ideas for bringing forth Sustainable Campus that were proposed in the conference at their own universities. SCSD was established as a student activity organization for realizing Sustainable Campus in our university, with conference attendee members playing the central roles. Its activities started with 26 members, made up from graduate students of Public Policy School and Graduate School of Environmental Science, as well as overseas students studying at Hokkaido University.

Recently SCSD has been hosting “Sustainable Campus Content” which provides financial supports to winners of Award of Excellence after examining projects proposed by students, as well as running “Candle Night in Hokkaido University” which is carried out at Sapporo campus around summer solstice.

Candle night in HOKUDAI