Purposes of Sustainable Campus Management Office

“Sustainable Campus” means a “university that contributes to building of a sustainable society through education, research, collaborating with society and campus development.” As upheld in Sapporo Sustainability Declaration, it is vital for universities to position their campus space as a venue for putting the knowledge on sustainability into practice, acting as one with the society. Not only should a campus be sustainable since it is a place where younger generations who would bear the next generation will be spending many hours, but it is also a place where members of the university, local government of the areas around the campus, NPO/NGO, private enterprises and citizens would interact with each other and contribute towards resolving issues in the actual society. Office for a Sustainable Campus was established in 2010, with the purpose of playing the central role in extensive and diverse Sustainable Campus activities such as the ones described above. From April 1, 2018, it became a new structure and was reorganized into “Sustainable Campus Management Office”.